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IMOSI – Your specialists for sophisticated pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing plants

From 3D design and mechanical production to on-site construction, we offer our customers a wide range of services for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical plants. Whether you need a single-use facility, a compact system with built-in piping, or a container platform, we stand by your side to offer professional advice based on years of experience. We find the best solution for your system even faced with complex requirements. Thanks to our manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to the production of pharmaceutical systems from stainless steel, we can offer you the ideal manufacturing environment.

We are the right point of contact for the following services:

  • Design with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD
  • Skid designs for pharmaceutical systems
  • Platforms with integrated systems
  • Inspection platforms in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and DIN EN 1090
  • FAT of systems at our location
  • Separate accommodation for customer visits
  • Transport of systems and delivery to site
  • Repairs, conversion, and maintenance work
  • Processing of stainless steel
  • TIG, MAG, and orbital welding
  • Pipework construction (including in accordance with ASME BPE)
  • National and international assemblies

Plant types:

  • Single-use systems
  • Tangential flow filtration systems
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Chromatography systems
  • Nanofiltration systems
  • Virus filtration systems
  • Virus inactivation systems
  • Depth filtration systems
  • Inline dilution systems